20 Money making App ideas you can build with Flutterflow

Did you know that more than 50% of developers now use no/low-code platforms in 2022?

The Flutterflow platform provides an enabling environment for developing apps with their low-code builder. In 2021, more than 95k people built apps using Flutterflow. 

At the design studio, we help startup founders move faster without code and get their ideas in the market in WEEKS.
Read on to find out how these 20 ideas can make you money with Flutterflow…

A list of 20 Money making App ideas you can build with Flutterflow, Today!

With this comprehensive list, you can't get stuck with getting paid App ideas for your next big app. 

You can always go through it whenever you are ready.

All you have to do is to choose one from the list and go all in.

1. Exam Study App

Students can meet and prepare for their exams with other students virtually on your app built with Flutterflow. 

 Think of 

  • study tools, 

  • discussions, 

  • guides, 

  • free study material, or even,

  • study questions that they'll need.

However, it doesn't just end with developing. Monetisation is our main goal.

For example, using the freemium strategy. This implies giving each user access to all the features for a specific time . Also, access to study materials or questions can be given to new users for a month. After that, they can now pay for the premium version of the app.

2. Finance Management App

Many people have a problem managing and tracking their finances. It's a huge pain point. 

An App that will help with at least tracking how much comes and goes on a monthly basis.

Your App can have features like:

  • Categorisation and budgeting.

  • Setting financial goals.

  • Tracking bills and expenses.

  • Savings tips.

Monetising this app will not be difficult. You can either

  • Run advertisements on your free app, or

  • Make users pay before using your app.

3. Time Management App

Many people working from home find it difficult to distinguish between their work and home activities.

A time management app is a solution to help you better prioritise your time with 

  • to-do lists, 

  • time trackers, 

  • memos, calendars, and/or 

  • a mix of these. 

Additional features often include 

  • calendar or task sharing, 

  • project tracking, and analytics.

Even though there are numerous time management apps out there. Considering the cost benefits of building with a tool like flutterflow, you are sure to rack in a lot of money from premium plans and ads. . 

4. Health Checkup App

Users can use these healthcare apps to take care of themselves more effectively. 

These Apps could also be a bridge to connect with doctors, and therapists.

For Healthcare apps like this one, consultation is the main way for monetizing them.

Features like 
  • medicine delivery

  • medicine reminders

  • appointment scheduling

  • Patient health education;

With the recent of AI enabled consultation apps, building an app like this would be a win-win. Overhead cost would be very low as it only requires creating Q&A bot with chatGPT.

You will be able to monetise via adding premium features that allows users to ask more questions, save responses or get redirected to a live doctor.

5. Language Learning App

A language learning app helps users get started with learning different languages (local or foreign).

Language allows us to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others. It forms a vital part of human connection.

Just like any other learning app, this app won't be difficult to monetize. You can:

  • offer monthly subscriptions

  • run advertisements for language and travel brands, or

  • have the freemium feature.

6. Routine Builder App

Just like the time management app idea, a routine builder can be of immense help to many of us. 

Major features of a routine app are to-do lists and daily calendars for scheduling.

However, this is not a new idea. There are many "routine builder" apps out there.

Some ways you can monetize your app includes 

  • running advertisements

  • selling physics products (special calendars, productivity jotter, and so on)

But remember, monetization is not only limited to the ones here. Feel free to think aside the box. Productivity is taking the lead in most peoples live.

7. Habit Tracker App

Habit building can be very daunting but not when you've got an accountability buddy with you.

Apps like

  • Streaks for iPhone users.

  • HabitNow for Android users.

  • Habitify for planning your day around your habits.

  • Habitica for people who want to turn building habits into a game; are all Habit Tracking apps.

Having a complete paid version for such an app is the way to go. 

Other monetization methods include

  • monthly/quarterly subscriptions,

  • data monetization,

  • advertisements, and

  • selling a habit tracking product (checklists, booklets, or spreadsheets).

8. E-Book Reader App

Did you know modern literature has another abode now?

From ebooks to checklists to spreadsheets, we all have read something from our devices.

Even though tons of E-book Reader apps are out already, you can still develop one.

Paid features and In-app purchases would be great ways to monetize your app.

9. Home Budgeting App

Tracking day-to-day expenses can be a big pain.

While there are several budgeting apps, there is still room for apps with extra features that will personalize your user's experience.

However, monetizing your app can be with

  • advertisements, or

  • data monetization

10. Travel Plan App

Planning for a vacation before the holidays would be a great idea.

A Travel Plan App that would have features that would tell us more than 80% about where we are going would be a hit (from travel cost to food and even shopping… fantastic!)

Therefore, you can go ahead and make the app a premium one. But you can explore other options like

  • freemium

  • advertisements

  • paid updates, and

  • referral programs

11. Lyrics Finder App

Where words fail, music speaks. We often hear songs that we like, but don't their names.

Developing an app that would just listen to the song and get us the name and even the lyrics would be great.

The strategies for monetization of such apps would be 

  • subscription ( biweekly, monthly…)

  • in-app purchases

  • advertisements

12. Pregnancy Helper App

Every mother’s pregnancy is different and changes her in its own way.

Understandably, being a mother is not an easy job. 

Developing and marketing an app specially for pregnant moms could change your life.

However, I think it's a barely tapped niche. Therefore, monetization will not be difficult. You can try

  • advertisements

  • freemium

  • paid app versions

  • in-app purchases

  • online store

For incentives, you can include possible questions and materials for study.

13. School App

An easy app idea is an app made for students, teachers, and parents. It lets them keep an eye on everything going on at school. 

Ranging from school news to lecture notes and assignments. 

Monetization would be to run adverts promoting the school's products and also paid updates.

14. Virtual Library App

Just like encyclopedias and book stores or even real libraries, you can include materials that are in-demand but not easy to find and put some bucks behind it.

Monetizing a virtual library can come in different forms like

  • online book store

  • in-app purchases

  • advertisements

  • subscription plans, or

  • paid updates

15. Logistics App

Think of the Uber or Bolt app with extra features and more flexible payment plans.

Just like the apps I've mentioned above, monetizing this app would be purely service-based.

16. Restaurant Reservation App

New to a city and do not know where to get that perfect lunch? 

Let the restaurant know you'll be coming even before you arrive. Sounds good?

In-app purchases would be a great way to monetize this app. However, it's not limited to that.

17.  Tax App

This app will calculate how much tax the user needs to pay according to his income.

Remember the time of the year when you sit tight for hours to cut short your tax payments.

Study materials, tax calculators would be wonderful features to add.

However, monetizing a tax app would boil down to two ways 

  1. Data Monetization

  2. App advertisements

18. Resume Editor App

The need for a professional resume to impress employers is also here too. 

Till today, over 80% of job-seekers still struggle with writing their resumes perfectly to get that job.

But your app will do that for some bucks.

Monetization will be in various forms including

  • Data monetization

  • Paid Job updates

  • Paid app features

19. Payment App

I know there are a handful of apps like this out there, but one that comes with extra features like saving, etc. would also be great.

Imagine being a mobile bank for your users.

Monetizing this app would be a little different here. You can either

  • run referral programs, or

  • collect commissions on their transactions

20. Interest Community Apps

We all want to surround ourselves with like-minded people like us. 

With this in mind, you can create an app that gathers users with similar interests into a single community. 

Meanwhile, data monetization would be a good monetization strategy. But you can see the other ideas on this list.

What next?

There you have it. There are so many different ways to make money building applications with flutterflow. 

To transform these ideas into successful businesses, you'll need to have a clear understanding of the consumer market.

At the design studio, we offer consultancy sessions to startup founders and entrepreneurs who want to build these types of mobile applications with flutterflow.. 

If you are such, feel free to schedule a chat with us here.